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At Tasty Pizza, the secret’s not in the sauce or even the crust – it’s the family.

Opened 60 years ago by family partriarch Joe Compola and his wife Mary, Tasty Pizza has been a part of life in Lyndhurst for countless customers who grew up eating pizza there and who now bring their families to dine.

Carrying on the Compola family tradition, daughter Jackie and husband Joe Woytovich have kept things the same, including the homelike atmosphere.

It’s always been homestyle, 
help yourself type of dining. 
We want our customers to

feel at ease here and they
seem to like it. 

- Jackie Woytovich

The family of Tasty Pizza hope that you too will become part of this tradition. So please check out our website and come by soon for the Tasty experience.

Yum, broccoli, onions and chicken pizza from Tasty Pizza


We are looking to hire youths ages 15 and up (no sports please) to clean tables, dishes and make salads, part-time.

Also need adults to service front counter. If you need a couple days a week away from family, we can use you!

Apply in person or call Joe Woytovich at

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